So you are ready to sell your house? Who do you turn to?


The popular choice for many. With the belief that the have a bank of eager and excited buyers on their books, many people will think that the 1-2% fee will bring a fully serviced sale within weeks. The reality is somewhat different in the majority of cases.

Let me explain: A high street agent has huge overheads and for them it is super important to get as many listings as they can. The more listings, the more visitors. HOWEVER, lets say that agent has 100 listings and their listing agent is listing a further 5 properties per week. They have 2 negotiators in the office, 1 branch manager, I lister, 1 lettings agent and a mortgage consultant. The negotiators are there to sell your house. How many houses do you think they can conduct quality viewings on per day? The answer is less than you think. They probably do 3-4 viewings per day, 5 days per week. That is 20 viewings maximum on a stock of 100+ houses.

The main complaint about estate agents: They do not spend the time clients want and they often are too busy to do viewings, leaving it all to the owner of the property.

Fees: High street estate agents will charge around 1-2% No sale no fee for an exclusive contract. On top of the fee they will try and upsell you for a “premium marketing pack” This includes professional photos, floorplan, featured listing, maybe a brochure of some sort. The price for this is on average £290. You then have the option for extra advertising – Facebook campaigns, print advertising (although many will include your property on a rota basis in any print advertising if they are running it)

Cost to sell a £300,000 property – on average £5400 (inc Vat) plus £350 on extras.

Total £5,750


I give you the chance to sell your house but with all the support and backup you need. Afterall, you are the best person to sell your house, you know it best and you can answer all the questions a buyer might have. I will provide you with the tools you need including a freephone number which will be answered by my office. All enquiries will be qualified before making appointments and viewings will be arranged with you at a time that is convenient to you. I will follow up on viewings and provide feedback and I will help negotiate any offers. I will work with you and the purchasers to progress your sale through to a quick and stress free completion. EVERYTHING you expect from a high street agent but without the cost.

There are certain things you need to sell your house: (These are often charged on top of your “fee”)

For Sale board – professional For Sale board including installation:

Professional Photos – Set of photos and floorplan

Virtual Tour - (dependent on house size)

Advertising – Zoopla/Rightmove etc can only be provided by estate agents

Facebook – 10 day campaign £50



For Sale board
Zoopla listing
Facebook campaign advertising
Call monitoring
Sales progression

Everything an estate agent offers EXCEPT accompanied viewings

COST:£290 (this is my cost for a board, photos, floorplan, virtual tour, brochure etc)

MONTHLY: £180 For Zoopla advertising and adhoc facebook Campaigns –
Sell your house in 3 months; TOTAL COST £830